Founded on nurturing creative freedom.

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Talent is more than a resource
We’re nothing without our team. That’s why we make the happiness of our crew our number one priority. A business is only sustainable when its staff are happy and healthy.
Everyone has a voice
From Junior Designer to Senior Developer—everyone’s insight is important. We encourage our team to get involved in all aspects of client work and company strategy.
All for one, one for all
There are no egos or personal agendas here. We tackle challenges as one and always have each other’s back if things go awry. After all, we’re in this together.

A determined team with a passion for quality.

James Hobbs

Founder, Creative Director

Sean Washington

Lead Developer

Zach Kelly

Lead Designer

Brett Johnson


Nabil Kazerouni


Chris Griffith

Designer, Developer

Nicole McAtee

Project Manager

Jessiah Ratliff


Brittany Layton


Maintaining a
well-balanced ecosystem.

Octopus office

We offer a wide range of benefits including unlimited paid vacation, remote working options, full health, vision and dental coverage, a 401k plan with employer matching, monthly gym membership reimbursement, and an annual staff trip.

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Open Positions

UX/UI Designer

Whether ideating with pencil and paper, or prototyping flows on the screen, UX/UI design is the driving force of Octopus.

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